Guide to Renting Out Your Property

Standard procedure and a few extra tips regarding insurance and cleaning protocols 2021

Many people who buy second homes in Italy, buy with the intention of renting it out in their absence. There is however a legal procedure to be followed. For 2021, there are also protocols to be followed: flexibility and reassurance in a sound insurance would seem to be the best advice available.
Rental Guide
1. By default, renting out a property in Italy means earning an income on Italian soil.
2. This means you are liable to pay Italian taxes on that income whether you are resident in  Italy or not (and whether or not you pay your annual taxes elsewhere).
3. Taxes on rental income can be a flat 21% with no deductibles, or depending on how you set up your activity, they can vary.
 4. Deposit of an annual tax return for the activity is required.
5. A rental activity must be registered with the local Comune (local municipality), local Questura (police) and the relevant    regional offices. The registration for all three is a matter of paperwork; each office issues the rental property a username and password to access each online platform.
6. All guests should be registered at the Questura within 24 hours of arrival which can  be done on line.
7. A visitor's tax is due to the Comune for each guest - a minimal amount but it helps to fill the                local coffers – this can be collected by you and paid via bank transfer every trimester.
 8. Specific insurance to cover rental guests/a rental activity is advisable. This is different to third party insurance.
9. All domestic help should be legally hired. There are ‘seasonal’ options which can cost approx. E.50-E.60 per month on top of the hourly rate paid.
With regard to renting out 2021, one of the recurrent themes is that of insurance (or the possible lack of it): this year it would seem there is more wriggle room regarding refunds for force majeure and extenuating Covid-related circumstances; the concept is that whoever may sign up for a holiday this year, is already aware of the associated risks and therefore could forfeit any refund.
As a consequence, if you rent out your property, it would be advisable to check the portals with whom you advertise and check out exactly what insurance coverage they are providing. It would also be advisable to enquire about personal insurance cover should, a guest for instance, contract Covid and be expected by the local authorities to quarantine in your property. Having surfed the web for the last two days, what basically stands out is the paucity of information as to what happens in such circumstances, other than the obligation to contact the local authorities (ASL).
Cleaning guidelilne
There is an equal paucity regarding cleaning guidelines and protocols that should be followed, so a safe bet for 2021 would be to follow last year’s guidelines:
10. Advise your guests to bring masks – they are required for entering into any enclosed  space and anywhere there may be crowds/groups of people.
11. It is advisable to leave at least 24 hours between a departure and new arrival.
12. Pre-clean sanification: this requires a simple spray machine filled with alcohol or an appropriate chlorine based product to spray all surfaces, giving particular attention       to bathrooms, kitchens, door knobs and handles until everything has been covered.  The advantage of using alcohol is that it dries immediately allowing even mattresses, pillows, sofas and cushions etc… to be given a good going over. The             house may smell like a distillery   afterwards, but at least it will be virus free!!!
13. Guests should be requested to bag their linens and towels before departure
14. Guests should be requested to bag and remove their rubbish from the property       when they leave.
The most helpful informative website regarding insurance, the policies of the big rental portals 2021 and other, is by far
All of this information has been carefully sourced, but please double check its accuracy before taking any action.
Team, 14/05/2021 12:10:04

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