Travel requirements UK - Italy

There is a sequence to follow if you are travelling from the UK to Italy or vice versa. Here is a summary...

Since Italy has now lifted the 5 day quarantine period for UK arrivals, there will no doubt be quite a bit of movement across the channel over the next few weeks.
However, having just travelled to the UK myself, I can sympathize with anyone who might consider cancelling their trip once faced with the documentation required in order to arrive at their destination (and return home again!)
The first communication from my airline - with threatening headlines in red, sub-headings underlined and in bold - did little more than panic me....not to mention the endless links to navigate for up to date travel requirements, passenger locator forms etc... which just helped to confuse me further.
The consequences of failing to produce the right documents, at the right place and at the right time gave me sleepless nights...and what no one made clear is that none of the forms can be filled in anyway until the last minute and only once you have received a (hopefully!) negative test result. 
In Cortona that was easy – you can simply book a test 48 hours before departure (the rapid antigen test as opposed to the more in depth PCR test) - at the local pharmacy.  Within 20 minutes you have both your result and a certificate attesting to its negativity.  Cost E.15 as a resident (E.22 as a non-resident).
In order to book my Day 2, PCR test in the UK – details of which are required for your outward bound passenger locator form - I was faced with an endless list of ‘providers’ whose fees inexplicably ranged from £20 to £500.
It didn’t help that just after I’d booked, the UK government announced a crack-down on cowboy outfits exploiting the situation.  To whom, I wondered, had I just sent off my £95 fee?
Thankfully, the test was awaiting  me on my arrival. I followed the instructions and dispatched it on Day 2 (Day 0 being your day of travel) via a Royal Mail Priority ‘drop box’, but although the test assured a result within 48 hours, I didn't get a result until 4 days later.
On Monday, I booked a rapid antigen test in order to meet Italy’s requirements for my return.  Cost £65.  This, at least, was done in-loco (to be specific, in a field surrounded by horses, in the middle of open countryside) and I was given the result and a printed certificate within 5 minutes.
However, the whole 'travel experience' definitely raised my stress levels (and no doubt my blood pressure) to new heights. If it hadn’t been for my sister’s help, I’m honestly not sure I would ever have managed to work it all out. 
Basically, there is a sequence that needs to be followed:
TESTING – You will need your outward bound testing sorted before you can fill in any of the necessary forms which you will need to present at the airport. 
Travelling from Italy to the UK: means organizing a rapid antigen test at the local pharmacy 48 hours before departure
AND for the moment at least
a PCR test to be done on Day 2 of your arrival in the UK (day 0 being the day of travel).
The PCR test can be sent to you via post at any UK address and returned via post.
Travelling from the UK to Italy: means organizing a rapid antigen test 48 hours before departure using an authorised body who will provide you with a certificate of negativity to be presented at the airport. 
Some airports provide this service, some Boots stores, private companies and surgeries.
Travelling from Italy to the UK: Only once you have your test result – done 48 hours before departure - can you fill in the passenger locator form to which your airline will probably send you a link.
If it doesn’t, you can find it on the UK Government website.
On this form, you will need to insert a reference number given to you by your UK test provider for your Day 2 test (hence having to set this up well before departure).
You need to print this form out.
Travel documents required – hard copies: 
Green pass or equivalent Health pass
Certificate of negativity
Passenger locator form
Travelling from the UK to Italy - Only once you have your test result – done 48 hours before departure - can you fill in the passenger locator form to which your airline will probably send you a link.
If it doesn’t you can find it here by pressing on the START button at the top of the page -
On this form, you may have to insert your unique bar code reference from the negative test (haven’t done it yet!)
Travel documents required – hard copies: 
Green pass or equivalent Health pass
Certificate of negativity
Passenger locator form
Good Luck!!
Team, 05/09/2021 11:44:42
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