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Client Feedback

"I want you to know that you are the most genuine, kind, and best real estate representative we’ve met and a true advocate for Arezzo, Foiano and Cortona! We truly enjoyed meeting and working with you. Thank you for showing us the garden apartment as well. I do think you really understood what we were searching for.
If we ever have the opportunity to recommend you to our friends we would absolutely do it. We wish you well, and thank you so much for your time. 
Rob and Brenda - USA - June 2023"
"When Ron asked me to write a paragraph or two about our experience with Nicola, I reflected on our arrival in Cortona with our family and friends in May 2022. Our first official walkthrough the city was led by Laura Gremoli who shared her knowledge and passion about the history and beauty of this walled city. This was the beginning of our love affair with Cortona. As we were leaving two weeks later, Laura suggested that we consider buying an apartment here.
These words lingered in my husband’s mind as he made numerous comments about a return trip to Cortona. He soon contacted Laura, and she recommended Nicola Burazzi who she considered a most experienced and reliable realtor. Ron contacted Nicola and made plans for us to explore properties in Cortona in late October. But first, we met on zoom. Before describing available properties, Nicola asked why we wanted to buy a home in Cortona, Italy. His interest in our dreams caught our attention immediately! After Ron shared his desire to become a part of the community, Nicola briefly described the benefits of living within the walls of the city or the surrounding countryside. When the call ended, we were confident that Cortona was the right place for us. Throughout the process of exploring and eventually purchasing our home, he remained our advocate while representing the wishes of the owners.
Prior to our visit, we reviewed properties online and developed a plan to explore those of greatest interest. Once in Cortona, we realized how his attentive listening had influenced the properties we visited. He was forthright in identifying when properties were too highly priced and accommodated multiple schedule changes as we narrowed our search. We felt he had our best interest at heart. His passion for this community and his role in its daily life were obvious. It was impossible to walk down the street without someone greeting him and us warmly. It made us want to be a part of the Cortona community.
Nicola continued to represent us well during the negotiations to purchase our home. He simplified the complex process of the financial transactions essential to purchasing a home in Italy. We depended on him to assist us in contacting the right people and in following all rules and regulations. Our relationship did not end with the signing of the contract. He has been a constant resource as we transfer essential utilities and services. Nicola is a man if integrity who is intent on bringing good people to the community he loves and staying connected to them once they arrive" Ron and Ellen C. - Usa - February 2023

Our family has spent summer vacations past 20+ years in Tuscany and it became clear that our souls rest there. The lifestyle, beauty, history and simple way of life respecting mother nature is the way we want to spend our free time and hopefully the retirement as well. We discussed many years about buying an apartment in some nice ancient town closer to the retirement. Last summer we spent our holiday in Camucia and one day visited in Cortona. While walking in via Nationale we saw the picture of apartment which was exactly like the one we had discussed so many times and decided to walk into the agent’s office. We could not have imagined that this day visit would change our life. Roberto introduced the apartment and we fell in love. We discussed with Roberto which helped us to understand all critical aspects of the process as well as cost of ownership which helped us to finally bid for the house. Bid was accepted and with the help of Roberto and Nicola we were able to navigate successfully through all stages to become official owners of the apartment in about one week ago! We want to thank Roberto, Nicola and whole Cortona International staff to make our dream come true well before the original plan. The whole process went really smoothly and without any negative surprises. We are looking forward to know better the Cortona community of expats and of course to earn our place in the local community! Juha and Katriina, Helsinky, Finland - February 2023

It has been a joy working with Roberto, Nicola, Alison and Rebecca to find a home in Italy. We have been considering buying a house in Italy for many years and finally we started to look seriously when we came back to Cortona for our wedding anniversary in October 2001. When you start to read about buying abroad it hits you how different the process is - , a maze of new law to navigate, taxation, solicitors (notaries), escrow euro accounts, Italian banking and all of this of course, bundled with Italy’s famous bureaucracy. We can honestly say that at every stage Cortona International held our hands. They have a comprehensive section on their web pages and we were so impressed that this excellent advice was followed through with advice and action step by step. Roberto trudged up and down the ancient streets and alleyways patiently showing us the houses of interest to us. He often had knowledge of the owners, some history about the properties and why they were being sold. This was reassuring and helped give us the deeper context we needed to narrow down our choices. When we finally found the ‘one’ We needed time, time to return to the UK and think about it all. Their service is quite unlike dealing with a British estate agent. There was never the hard sell pressure to decide or that infuriating feeling you’re being played for maximum fees. Both buyer and seller pay commission to Italian immobiliare and refreshingly a deposit and pre-contract system pretty much guarantees that once arranged both buyer and seller are committed to the deal. No gazumping! Alison and Nicola took over at this point, they organised the appointment of the local notary, the architects survey and liaised between us and the sellers all the way through the process as issues arose. The communication between us all was pretty much fluent and faultless, despite our very poor Italian. We were never left waiting for answers to questions, however trivial. What has impressed us most is the end to end nature of the service. We are still being looked after by everyone at Cortona International as they help us arrange local personal bank accounts, work on the house, utilities billing, you name it really - all the things that make buying a home stressful long after the final contracts are signed. It’s been a miraculous experience, just very enjoyable. I hope we can consider the folks at Cortona International our friends and feel excited to be at the early stages of becoming part of an Italian community. To all of you. A huge THANK YOU from us both. Judith and Daniel A. - buyers - UK - February 2022
"From the start they thoroughly photographed our town house in Cortona; the resulting pictures showed us how much they got and appreciated the uniqueness of our house. We had found 10 years earlier a ruin inside Cortona which we found perfect for our needs and a great creative project for us as an architect designer couple. In 3 years we completely restored our little jewel and its garden into our new home away from home for the next 8 years. Once the decision was made to sell Nicola and Alison guided us through the process and found us the perfect buyers suited to our house. The whole sale procedure was managed quickly and efficiently they doing for us many of the tasks as non Italians we would find difficult to do. We cannot recommend them enough for every aspect of the sale process as well as their highly personal approach. Their years of experience, total honesty, and sincerity made selling our house much less difficult and because we loved it so much less sad. If we or one of our family go back to buy a house in Tuscany, we will go to Alison and Nicola"
Christine and David W. - Sellers - Usa - February 2022

If what you are looking for is intelligent minds, and honest people, then this is where you can find them.

Cortona International showed my property often, and always to qualified buyers.  They were always available, and they were always right on with their advice.  The team, Nicola, Roberto and Alison, here at Cortona International want was is best for you.

When my sale was complete, they handled everything so well, that I never worried.  Their explanations were clear about all of the process.  I always felt like I had someone on my side.  If you want a fulfilling experience, this is your team. 

Doumina Basil-Whyman - The Enthusiastic Traveler - Italy, France, Spain and Portugal - January 2021


We purchased our first property in Tuscany/Cortona 20 years ago, subsequently selling it and
purchased another and recently sold this property through Cortona International and Nicola Burazzi.
The process, even for one experienced in buying and selling in Italy (with ‘good’ Italian), can still be daunting and intimidating.
Partially because laws are always in flux with respect to what is required to buy and sell. But for we Americans it is more complex because the concept of multiple listings does not exist here. Consequently the realtor represents both parties, the seller and the buyer and should act as an intermediary and what is in the best interest of both parties versus the agency. 
Having faith and trust in your realtor and the agency that handles the transaction determines whether your experience will be one to remember or one to regret!
We give Nicola and the Cortona International Team ‘5 Stars’ on all accounts!
Nicola stands as a man of character , a problem solver, a listener, calm under pressure, action oriented, detail obsessed leaving nothing behind and when the ‘bumps’ in the road occur he quick;y smooths them away. Plus he’s fun with an engaging personality!
The best compliment we can think to give him is that at the end of the process he has become not just your realtor but a new friend. After receiving his commission he doesn’t walk away but still stands by your side willing to help in any way possible.
We can highly recommend Nicola and the Cortona International Team without reservation. You won’t be disappointed!
Rob and Sheryl T - Cortona - October 2020


We had no knowledge of the Italian sales procedure, spoke minimal Italian and only visited Italy for a few weeks each year. So the thought of selling a house there was daunting. I inherited ours from my mother, and it was in much need of renovation. I need not have worried. Cortona International “did everything it said on the tin”, literally undertaking all necessary steps up to, during, and after our sale. Nicola and Alison provided an efficient, friendly and professional service.
We only met Alison, face to face, once, briefly, on the day of the sale. But she kept us regularly informed by email with progress, once a definite sale was likely. Nicola, with fluent English and easy-going manner, was on the scene from the start. He kept us in touch as he dealt with the Comune, our geometra and prospective buyers. He was always willing to “go that extra mile”.
Our actual sale was dependent on creation of two powers of attorney, and simultaneous purchase of extra land and establishment of a right of way – all negotiated by Cortona International. In the weeks before the sale, Nicola liaised with our Italian bank to ensure funds went to the right places. He accompanied us there immediately afterwards to do the same.
Following the sale, Nicola contacted the Comune again to resolve our over- and under-payments of taxes. Having extracted a final electricity bill from the electricity company a few weeks ago, Cortona International’s work is complete.
I am eternally grateful and I gather that our buyers are delighted. My husband, who never wastes his words, says “you did a good job”! Rosemary S – Uk – October 2019

"Hi Nicola, Dealing with Cortona International has been our best house buying experience ever. Nicola, Alison and Roberto are extremely professional and went beyond all expectations. Their knowledge and perseverance was a great asset in helping us negotiate to get our wonderful property. All the best" Gailo, Cortona, August 2019

"Caro Nicola! Voglio ancora una volte ringraziarLa per il Suo lavoro. Non era semplice vendere le nostre case, c'erano tante difficoltà! Ma Lei ha avuto tanta pazienza e ci ha sempre informato bene delle procedure per noi sconosciute. Adesso tutto sembra di avere avuto un finale fortunato. Grazie! Cordiali saluti, Elisabeth F. - Hannover - seller - March 2019"
"As a single woman with limited knowledge of the Italian language or home purchasing legalities in Italy, when I decided to buy a second home in Cortona, my fear was that the process would be too confusing and challenging. Fortunately, I came across Icrea Real Estate Agency where I was quickly reassured that all the essential home buying details would be taken care of. And what I soon discovered was that with the dedicated help of Icrea’s partners Roberto Ghezzi and Nicola Burazzi, my dream home in Cortona soon became a reality. From the moment that the offer was made on my chosen home, to arranging a meeting with the Notary; and later, to closing the deal and transferring all services to my name, Roberto and Nicola were there. All my questions were answered and any issue that might have arisen along the way was quickly solved by Nicola Burazzi. I highly recommend this agency to anyone who might be considering buying a home in the beautiful Cortona region of Tuscany. Having bought and sold properties in the past, I can attest to the fact that the level of excellence, reliability and professionalism provided to me by Icrea, was far better than any other I have ever experienced. In the end, the process of buying a home in Italy turned out to be a lot easier than I had anticipated”. Marie L. Ontario, Canada, buyer, December 2018

"A tutti coloro che sono interessati ad un immobile nella zona di Cortona e aeree limitrofe vorrei consigliare volentieri di avere un colloquio con i responsabili dell'Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese / Cortona International. Disponibilità, esperienza, professionalità e attenzione per i dettagli sono qualità che consentono di decidere in merito ad un immobile in modo adeguato e permettono anche ad un legale incaricato per una questione immobiliare di preparare al meglio per la propria clientela i passi necessari per giungere ad un contratto. Grazie all’Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese / Cortona International è stato possibile definire in tempi brevi con successo e soddisfazione delle parti la questione immobiliare di cui mi sono occupato.

Dott. Francesco Senatore, Avvocato, ROSE & PARTNER LLP., Amburgo, Berlino, Monaco, Milano, Dicembre 2018, https://www.rosepartner.de/rechtsberatung/italienisches-recht/italienisches-immobilienrecht.html"

„Allen, die sich für eine Immobilie in Cortona und Umgebung interessieren, möchte ich gern empfehlen, ein Gespräch mit den Verantwortlichen von Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese / Cortona International zu führen. Verfügbarkeit, Erfahrung, Professionalität und Aufmerksamkeit für Details sind Qualitäten, die eine Entscheidung bezüglich einer Immobilie in geeigneter Weise ermöglichen und auch einem für eine Immobilienangelegenheit beauftragten Rechtsanwalt einräumen, die notwendigen Schritte am besten vorzubereiten, um für die eigene Mandantschaft einen Vertrag abzuschließen. Dank Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese / Cortona International konnte die Immobilienangelegenheit, mit der ich mich befasste habe, in kürzer Zeit erfolgreich und mit der Zufriedenheit der Parteien definiert werden.

Dott. Francesco Senatore, Rechtsanwalt, ROSE & PARTNER LLP., Hamburg, Berlin, München, Mailand, Dezember 2018, https://www.rosepartner.de/rechtsberatung/italienisches-recht/italienisches-immobilienrecht.html"

"We discovered the Cortona area 15 years ago, and we have been coming back and back for most of our holidays. South-East Tuscany is the most beautiful part of Tuscany with cultural high-lights such as Arezzo, Siena, Pienza, etc. and the typical Tuscan landscapes like Val d'Orcia. But Cortona is also very close to the North of Umbria, with Perugia and Assisi very close-by, but also hidden gems as Città di Castello, Gubbio, etc. So ... this summer we explored the option to buy a property around Cortona! While there are many real estate agencies on the market, we found out that Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese/Cortona Real Estate not only had a various range of nice properties to offer, but the description of the properties was always authentic and reliable. We made an appointment in July and from the very first contact with Alison and Nicola, we knew we were working with very friendly and professional partners of complete integrity. Thanks to Alison and Nicola we have found our dream house in the Cortona area. Alison and Nicola supported and guided us and the owner of the house throughout the (administrative) process in a professional and efficient manner. Rudy and Elsie V.H. - Belgium, Buyers, October 2017
"We recently purchased a wonderful home and renovation project in a peaceful and little know area in the hills not far from Cortona. We were very specific about what we were looking for and after looking at many suggestions online we actually only went to view one property and we knew instantly it was the one for us. Nicola and Alison made the purchase process smoother and easier than we could believe was possible. Their attention to all aspects of the process including their continued after sales support in setting up banking and utilities is impressive. They are a highly organised and efficient, happy to help no matter what the issue is and more importantly a real pleasure to work with.’ Andy & Ann UK Buyers July 2017
"In July of 2015 my wife and I spend two weeks around Cortona looking for a suitable property. Our specific requirements to the property apart from great location, not too far from Cortona, suitable for two families and – of course – not too expensive made the search quite difficult. Nicola and Alison tirelessly showed us property after property and – I am sure – got more and more frustrated with these difficult people who found something or others wrong with each property they showed us. But to their credit, they always remained professional, always very helpful and always with a smile. After two hot weeks we left Italy to maybe continue the search at some other time as we did not find what we had been looking for. A few months later friends of ours send us a website and suggested we had a look. The property was again marketed through Cortona Real Estate Agency. We asked our friends to have another close look at the property as we had actually seen it during our trip and thought it was not really ideal for what we wanted. The friends report came back that positive that my son flew in from Hong Kong and I from Bali to look at the property once more. As it was, the property was not suitable for us as it was but it had great potential and we decided to buy it. What I greatly appreciate is that Nicola and Alison was very fair to both seller and buyer through the negotiations and subsequent very professional during the process of purchasing and having all the necessary documentation worked out. But what has most impressed me is the “after sales service” they have provided. They have been extremely helpful in getting all the administrative issues settled, getting the utilities registered and payment procedures established etc. to the extent that where we started with an estate agency we ended up with some very close friends. We are now in the middle of some major renovations and reconstruction works on the property which has all been a wonderful experience thanks in many ways to our dear friends, Nicola and Alison. Mogens H – Denmark – 2016 Buyer"
"When I tell friends in the UK that we have bought a house in Italy, they always say: “How did you cope with the Italian Bureaucracy? It must have been really difficult!” They are then even more surprised when I answer, “It was actually really easy. We had a brilliant agent who guided us through the whole process”. I still cannot believe our good fortune. Firstly that we actually own a beautiful house in Tuscany and secondly that we clearly found the best estate agents in the area, “Agenzia Immobiliare-Cortonese”. Buying a home near Cortona has been our dream for many years. I had followed the property market in Cortona for many years but it actually took a holiday week with no sun in the summer of 2015 for me to contact an agency. The same day I was booked with Nicola & Alison to view a few local properties and our search began. I am a naturally cautious person and I needed to fully understand the Cortona property market before I bought. At no stage were we rushed. All possible properties were emailed to me & our whole family in the UK were involved in the discussions. I returned to Cortona in January, February & April ’16 and I was about to give up when the right property was found and the buying of a home in Italy actually began. Initially it was Alison who tirelessly answered my queries and explained the Italian House Buying Process. Then once we got to the notary and the final buying stage, it was Nicola who took over. He made sure that every step of the way was carefully explained. I really cannot imagine that any other agency could have provided such a caring, professional service. We finally bought our new home in late July 2016. We were not going to let Brexit stop our dream! Since then Nicola has continued to offer his full support. He has helped me to sort the payment of services, to find a company to install the internet & Italian TV, he accompanied me to the house insurance agents as they did not speak English and on top of this, he regularly informs me of local events that we must not miss! Both Alison & Nicola worked tirelessly to assist us through the process but they went way beyond the role of an estate agent. This is demonstrated by my most recent appeal for help. In November I arrived at the house to find two dead birds in the lounge, a terrified baby owl flying round plus even more fightening, there was no water or electricity! After freeing the owl, I was in a real panic and it was Nicola that I turned to for help. Within 1 hour Nova Aqua & a Plumber / electrician turned up. Would any other agent have been this approachable and caring? I can 100% recommend Agenzia Immobiliare-Cortonese. Anita H. - July 2016 - Buyer - UK
"I recently completed the purchase of my amazing apartment home in the center of Cortona. Until I met Alison and Nicola, the thought of purchasing real estate abroad seemed daunting and bound to be stressful and fraught with frustration and endless red tape. Not so! Alison and Nicola made the process simple and virtually stress free. They were impeccably organized and responsive, explaining every detail and ensuring that there were no surprises along the way. They guided me step by step and I was able to complete the process from my home in Virginia in a matter of weeks! In the end, such experiences all come down to trust. Alison and Nicola quickly and fully won my trust with their highly personal, professional and sensitive approach. I couldn’t be more pleased with Cortona Real Estate.” Dave Lucado - January 2017 - Virginia/Usa - Buyer
"We recently completed the sale of our house in the hills near Cortona through Cortona Real Estate. We had owned the house for the previous 16 years and it seems that the whole process of a real estate transaction and the various regulations surrounding it had changed dramatically since our original purchase. Without Alison and Nicola's comprehensive knowledge and hands-on assistance it would have been impossible for us even to understand everything that was needed let alone sorting out how to make it all happen. They handled the arrangements for everything from the new house drainage system to regularising the house's records at the Commune. In addition they facilitated a method with the Public Notary by which the house sale price was agreed and paid in sterling. By the time we were assembled with the buyer for the final contract meeting in the Notary's office everything necessary for a trouble-free sale was ready from the Geometra, gasman/plumber, electrician and Commune and as a result the sale completed smoothly. We would highly recommend Cortona Real Estate's services whether you need to find a buyer or even if you have a buyer already and want the sale process to proceed successfully" Silvya D - October 2016 - UK/Cortona - Seller
"We had just completed a renovation project outside Cortona and, as a result, wanted to sell our apartment in Castiglion Fiorentino. We have known Alison for some years and used her excellent services before, so she and Nicola were the obvious choice to assist with the sale. It certainly turned out to be the right decision in all respects. They were both brilliant throughout the process; finding a buyer, explaining each step, dealing efficiently with the complex paperwork and even taking me to Florence for the completion meeting. It was a pleasure to work with them and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cortona Real Estate to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in the area Catherine M. and Felicity P. - June 2016 - Uk/Cortona - Sellers"
"We cannot resist telling you at Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese how very good you really are! In fact the very best!! Well you know we had our property on sale with the renomated original estate agencies in Cortona for a few years before you were recommended to us by our Geometra. Well that was the best advice we had in a long while! After our first meetings we realised how efficient a young team can be and your advice and performance was outstanding compared to what we experienced with other local longtime agents! And then you sold our property and handled all the administrative details within one year whilst we were travelling Europe in the sun and you were working! We want to thank all three of you.... Alison, Nicola and Michele for your advice and the hard work you have done dealing with so many details. Ciao from Lucas and Angelo and of course Oliviero, sellers, March 2016"
Dear Nicola, Now that the last details of our sale (utility bills etc.) have more or less been sorted out, Ludger and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team again for the wonderful way in which you arranged the sale of our house. We could not have wished for more experienced, polite, well-organized and efficient help in this process, which appears to have become even more difficult due to new bureaucratic hurdles and requirements. I particularly valued your step-by-step guidance from offer to completion, so that one never felt out of one´s depth during the process; your attention to detail and your patience and calm whenever small problems arose. It also often proved a bonus that you are able to switch from Italian to English and vice versa whenever necessary. We wish your company the success it rightly deserves! Gerburg and Ludger Eling (Berlin/Germany) - sellers - March 2016"
"I had the good fortune to be referred to Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese/Cortona Real Estate by friends who sold their property near ours in Pergo, Cortona, Italy. We purchased our property in 2000 when local regulations were much more relaxed and solicitors and geometras much more inclined to look the other way. Sixteen years later, when I decided to sell, I contacted three agencies to value and advise me on the sale process. To my surprise and in true Italian fashion, I discovered a few very complex “issues” with the property that required rectifying before I was able to secure the required permissions any buyer would seek upon purchase. Nicola Burazzi and Alison Koetser (Helpworksitalia) have been instrumental in not only advising but also procuring the best teams to rectify the problems. Alison, in particular, has worked tirelessly throughout the past year to liaise with geometras, builders, fabbros and other local officials to advise me on the best course of action and then has held my hand throughout the whole process. Her expertise and knowledge has been indispensable. This type of personal service is paramount when you are living in one country while trying to sell a property in another. There is only ONE agency in the Cortona area that I am happy to recommend without reservation – Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese/Cortona Real Estate. R. Ferguson – UK-Seller-January 2016
"I purchased a second home in Cortona with Nicola and Alison at Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese/Cortona Real Estate in Dec, 2015. I recommend them highly as they helped me through every step of the buying process and because of them it was easy and stress free. I have made lifelong friends in Alison and Nicola. Nancy Palmer Laguna Beach,CA - buyer - December 2015
"During a particularly brutal New England winter, just for fun, my husband and I began looking at overseas properties on the internet. He came upon one which seemed to suit our needs perfectly! I contacted Alison at Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese regarding this particular property, bombarding her with question after question, as the prospect of buying a property in another country seemed especially daunting. Alison could not have been more helpful and accommodating; and that is a huge understatement. For weeks, she provided to us the information we requested, until we could take a trip to see the property for ourselves. While there, we had the pleasure of meeting both Alison and Nicola. Ultimately, we decided to take the plunge and buy the property. Both Alison and Nicola were "with" us every step of the way even though we closed on the property while we were back in the States. Every single aspect was perfectly coordinated and explained and we were made to feel comfortable with the process although it was something we had never dreamed of undertaking. On a subsequent trip to Italy, we again met with Alison and Nicola and also Michele. Not a finer group of people could you deal with at Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese. We can never thank them enough for everything they did in making a dream come true for us! We absolutely highly recommend Alison, Nicola, Michele and Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese and we look forward to seeing them on our visits to Italy! Thank you ALL for everything you did for us! C. and B. Kennedy, USA - buyers - December 2016
"We owned a house in Cortona, Tuscany, where we have lived with great pleasure. After fifteen years we sold it through Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese in Camucia, by Nicola Burazzi. With his knowledge, accurency, patience and his sympathy he found the right buyers, to whom we liked to sell our dear place. The notary, the municipality, the architect, Nicola took care of all the necessary formalities in a perfect way. From his office he brieved us weekly. Because of his "excellent"service we recommend him and his office Herman and Marja Harmeijer The Netherlands dutch version Ruim 15 jaar woonden wij met heel veel plezier in ons huis in Cortona, Toscane. In 2014 hebben wij ons huis te koop gezet via Agenzia Immo. Cortonese in Camucia in de persoon van Nicola Burazzi. In het bijzonder door zijn sympathie, kunde, zorgvuldigheid en geduld vond hij de juiste mensen aan wie wij ons huis graag wilden verkopen. De notaris , de gemeente , bouwvergunningen en architect werden allemaal op voortreffelijke wijze door Nicola behartigd. Vanuit zijn kantoor hield hij ons in Nederland wekelijks op de hoogte. We zijn hem zeer dankbaar en bevelen zijn kantoor van harte aan. Fam Harmeijer Olst/Nederland Sellers - November 2015
"We used Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese to purchase a second home in Italy at the end of 2014. The daunting prospect of dealing with unfamiliar rules, regulation, and customs when buying property abroad motivated us to carefully select an agency that would be able to take care of all of the necessary details. We were not disappointed: the agency provided an excellent service to us. Nicola and Alison went to great effort to understand our specific requirements and to prepare a number of properties for us to view, and later to also deal with aspects of the transaction and transfer, thus ensuring that our visits to Italy were both pleasant and productive. We receive personalised advice regarding each particular property’s situation. They went further than we expected by showing us around the area, describing the local community to us, and recommending local shops and restaurants. Not being able to speak Italian or understand local regulations was never an issue for us as the agency dealt with all of these issues for us. Regards Glenn & Werner, buyers, November 2014, Amsterdam"
"I arrived in Cortona a couple of years ago and did not speak one word of Italian. I visited a few Real Estate Agencies in the area and then I saw a billboard advertising “Agenzia Immobiliare Cortenese.” I decided to go there, and it was the best thing I could have done. Nicola was fluent in English, patient, and friendly. He helped me find the perfect house, helped me with all of the paperwork, and everything else related to the house (e.g., heating, water, etc.). He was absolutely wonderful. Grazie Mille Nicola! I could never have managed on my own. Both Nicola and Michele are two fantastic people, and I can recommend them without hesitation. Sincerely, Mientje from Belgium - February 2014
Il y a trois ans, je suis arrivée à Cortona, sans aucune connaissance de la langue italienne. J’ ai visité quelques agences immobilières dans la region et à un certain moment j’ ai vu un panneau publicitaire de l’ “Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese". J’ ai décidé de visiter cette agence et c’ a été la meilleure chose à faire. Nicola était très gentil et patient. Il m’ a aidé à trouver une maison idéale et il m’ a aidé avec tous les documents officiels ainsi qu’ avec toutes les demandes nécessaires ( électricité, eau, gaz, téléphone etc..) Il tait vraiment superbe. Grazie Mille Nicola ! Je sais que je n’ aurais jamais été capable de régler tout ça moi-mème. Nicola et Michele, tous les deux sont des personnes formidables, et je peux les recommander sans hésitation. Sincèrement Mientje , Belgique
Enkel jaartjes geleden arriveerde ik in Cortona zonder een woord Italiaans te spreken. Na enkele immobiliën kantoren bezocht te hebben zag ik plots een bord met publiciteit van de “ Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese “ . Ik besloot er een bezoekje te brengen en dit bleek de allerbeste beslissing te zijn die ik ook maar had kunnen nemen. Nicola sprak vloeiend Engels en was zeer vriendelijk en behulpzaam. Hij heeft me geholpen een mooi en ideaal huis te vinden, ook hielp hij me met alle officiële documenten en aanvragen ( elektriciteit, water, gas enz..). Hij was echt geweldig. Grazie Mille Nicola ! Ik zou dit alles nooit in mijn eentje hebben kunnen regelen. Beide, Nicola en Michele zijn twee fantastische personen die ik, zeker zonder ook maar een ogenblik te aarzelen, kan aanraden. Mientje, België"
- "Three years ago, we reluctantly decided that, for reasons of advancing age, and despite the very difficult economic situation in Italy, we would need to sell the lovely house and garden we had had for over twenty years, in an isolated property outside Cortona. Initially we put it in the hands of three local estate agents in Cortona but for the first two years we received no signs of any activity. By good fortune, we heard from friends that Nicola had sold two properties in our area, one, very much like ours, to a British couple.While in Italy for our final holiday in the area, we met Nicola and asked him to undertake the sale of our own property. We were immensely impressed both with the care with which he went about assessing it, noting its main attractions and and difficulties, and advising us how to remedy the latter, and with his friendliness and helpfulness towards us in the five weeks we were still there. Since our return to Edinburgh, he not only found buyers from Australia but has kept us in full command of what we needed to do to in the course of an extremely complex negotiation, requiring him to mediate between two very different financial systems. For the last year he has been in nearly daily contact with us and we are delighted to say that the sale was completed three weeks ago to a family who, we are sure, will live in and enjoy what we have put into it. It would be impossible to over -estimate our admiration and gratitude for what Nicola has done for us and we would unquestionably recommend him to anyone wishing to have dealings in houses or land in areas which he covers Carol and Leonardo P. - Edimburgh, Scotland - December 2013"
- "After seeing an advertisement online for a vacation home in Tuscany, we contacted Nicola Burazzi by email and received a response and appointment the very same day. After viewing the home, we moved quickly with a negotiated offer and within 3 weeks the entire transaction was complete. Since this was our first Italian real estate purchase, we needed much help with the bank, utility organization, notaio, town business transactions, communications and most importantly language translation. Nicola was there every single step of the way, and has been an incredible assistance even AFTER the sale. His knowledge of the business and his passion for his work is evident. Imagine our joy at finding fresh vegetables, wine and fruit in our home when we returned after a few months away, with a lovely note welcoming us back. We have not only found the very best estate agent, but a friend who is patient, respectful, smart and kind. We have already recommended him to others in town, and know that he will do everything he can to provide these same services to everyone Abel and Barbara Z. - Usa - November 2013"
"Dear Nicola, I wanted to thank you for helping me with the purchase of my condo 7 years ago. With your help, I was able to purchase my condo with ease. Your command of the English language made a difficult task easy. I also appreciated the help you gave me with opening an Italian bank account and securing an Italian bank loan. For an American, these are insurmountable tasks. In addition, I appreciate your easy going personality, which is definitely an asset when dealing with persons from different cultures (i.e., Americans trying to purchase property in Italy). I also will not forget all the help you gave me in getting the electricity, water, and gas turned on (not to mention the trash bill, taxes, etc.). Again, I would not have been able to do this without your assistance. You have always been available whenever I needed anything. Soon I will ask you to help me sell my place. I have no doubt that it will go smoothly too. Sincerely, - Sue N. - Usa - November 2013"
"Ciao Nicola, Lawrence and I would like to express our sincere thanks to you for helping us in the search for the right property in the Cortona area then all the work you did for us assisting us purchase the property from Australia. It was a complicated and complex process but made much easier and less difficult to understand with your patient, professional understanding and knowledge of the Italian process. Your continued sense of humour and warm, friendly emails made us feel very much a part of the Italian community we hope to join. We are really looking forward to living in Centoia and spending a few hours with you under the pergola sharing the odd vino together. Thank you again and we'll see you in July. With Kind Regards, - Bronwyn and Lawrence Lombardo, Sydney, Australia - November 2013"
"Dear Nicola, We wanted to thank you for your efforts to sell our house. We were pleased that you found us a buyer only a few months after you had our house to sell. We found you professional and helpful at all times and we especially appreciated your regular communication and immediate response throughout the process. You are an ideal agent for international clients as you help with many other things than just the house sale, such as obtaining Codice Fiscale, opening bank electricity and gas accounts, dealing with the Comune on local tax issues. You speak good English which is obviously a huge benefit to English speaking clients who do not speak Italian. We would happily recommend you to any other prospective house buyers or sellers, as indeed we have already done with some friends of ours in Cortona looking to sell their house. Hope to see you soon Kind regards Jan and David N. - UK - August 2013" OUR PARTNERS