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At Cortona International (CI) we understand the complexities of buying or selling from abroad, but we believe that choosing an agency in Italy shouldn’t faze you anymore than if you were at home; the parameters remain the same – transparency, integrity and professionalism; three values we apply to all aspects of our work. We are a multi-national, English speaking team, with over 60 years of combined experience in all areas of marketing, property sales and conveyancing and provide translations and clarity during all stages of the purchase or selling process. We provide extensive post-purchase services for our buyers which include property & rental management, home improvements, restorations and interior design solutions. If you’re selling a property, we put at your disposition the many tools we have to promote it: aerial photos, videos, virtual tours and extensive visibility, in English, on the most important international property portals, internet mediums and social media platforms. Whether you wish to sell your home or are thinking of buying one, the CI team will always “go the extra mile” to ensure your interests are both represented and protected.


Nicola brings to Cortona International an expertise in conveyancing, marketing and computer skills, as well as a flair for photography and video. A perpetual student, he is dedicated to expanding his horizons and closely follows emerging market trends, regularly updating his prowess in digital marketing analytics and statistics. Most recently he has been awarded the National Association of REALTORS® International Property Realtor certificate.

Alison who has lived in Cortona since 1987, is experienced in property sales, property management and restorations. In 2006 she set up HelpWorksItalia (HWI) in response to the International community’s demand for property management services and renovation/home improvement works. Formerly a journalist, she also enjoys the creative side of the business, most recently designing and setting up the MyCortona blog.

Roberto is a registered Italian estate agent and a member of the International Consortium of Real Estate Agencies. Having lived in the USA for 9 years, he is fluent in English. His centrally located agency on Cortona’s main high street is always open to clients whether it be for work or play: A regular presence in the lives of Cortona’s international community, he is always up for sharing or hosting friendly dinners, good food and fine wines.

Michele, above and beyond being a CI partner, is also responsible for sales in the commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors as well as residential sales for the local Italian market through Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese. He specialises in the area of construction - both new builds and renovations – and is a regular font of knowledge, always available for advice. He works directly from the Camucia office in Piazzale Europa, No. 5. 


Cortona International is a trade name for Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese – set up in 1997 by Michele Burazzi – and a registered member of FIAIP (the Federation of Professional Italian Estate Agents).In 2014 the agency expanded its interests to the international property market when Nicola Burazzi, Michele’s brother, joined forces with HelpWorksItalia - a property management company set up by British born Alison Koetser; together they formed Cortona International (previously Cortona Real Estate). More recently still, Roberto Ghezzi - whose real estate agency ICREA was set up in 2003 - has joined the Cortona International team.