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In a unique collaboration, Cortona International, is able to offer its clients a team of English speaking professionals whose individual strengths provide specialist knowledge in all aspects of buying or selling a property. It also offers a post-purchase property and rental management service for international buyers who may be absent for part of the year: an international team dedicated to the specific requirements of an international clientele.

Our history

Cortona International is a trade name for Agenzia Immobiliare Cortonese which was set up in 1997 by Michele Burazzi for the local Italian property and rental market.

In 2005, his brother Nicola Burazzi joined forces with him, bringing marketing and computer skills to the agency which began attracting the first international clients to their door.

This led to an association with HelpWorksItalia, a property management company set up by British born Alison Koetser, to provide an efficient and professional package for the international client who doesn’t necessarily speak Italian, who is unlikely to know the ‘ins and outs’ of the purchase process and above all, who will want to know that any property purchased will be tended to during their short or long absences.

More recently still, Roberto Ghezzi whose own estate agency ICREA was set up in 2003 after 9 years of living and working in the US, has offered to join Cortona International, bringing with him an array of skills and fluency in English.

If you don’t already know Cortona, we look forward to introducing you to the area: to the majestic and cosmopolitan town itself, but also its surrounding countryside which ranges from rural and peaceful mountainside, to classic hillside and to cultivated farmland areas, all of which abounds with olive groves, vineyards and spellbinding views.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to live and work in this wonderful town. We meet many people who quite literally fall in love with it, as we did ourselves, and can empathise with their dreams of buying a place of their own.

Cortona International will always ‘go the extra mile’ to assist you in any way possible, but above all to ensure you are safeguarded throughout the purchase process and that your interests are looked after from the day you buy until the day you choose to sell.

The agency is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Arezzo and has been a member of FIAIP (Federation of Professional Italian Estate Agents) since 1997


Michele Burazzi.

Michele graduated from high school in 1977 with a diploma in accountancy and graduated from the Universita’ degli studi di Siena with a degree in Political Science. He is a registered estate agent at the Chamber of Commerce in Arezzo

Father of three, Michele married in 2006 and loves amateur soccer and the great outdoors. He is also passionate about food and wine and is always happy to offer a lunch to hungry clients during viewings.

He set up the agency in 1997, working long hours to establish himself as one of the principal agents in the local marketplace. Today everybody knows him, but more importantly, they hold him in great esteem.

Michele works full time in residential sales for the local Italian market as well as in the commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

He has a large amount of first-hand experience working on site and overseeing works for both new constructions and restorations. He provides invaluable advice to our clients on costs and timelines regarding any restoration or building works they may wish to undertake.

Nicola Burazzi.

Nicola graduated from high school in 1980 and graduated from the Universita' degli studi di Siena with a degree in Economics in 2003.

In 2002-2003 he studied abroad at the Copenhagen School of Business and also qualified as a registered estate agent at the Chamber of Commerce in Arezzo.

Passionate about art, history and travel, his spare time is spent visiting exhibitions throughout central Italy. He completed an English language course at the Kaplan Aspect of London in 2009 and a second language course in New York in 2011. He married in 2015 and has a daughter, Bianca.

In 2005 he joined Michele in the agency and initially worked on the local rental market, followed by a shift in focus some years later to local sales. His innate correctness and sense of responsibility, has also led him to specialise in the area of conveyancing. He works closely with the presiding notary on any sale, ensuring that all aspects are covered to his complete satisfaction.

His additional fascination with computers and in particular his interest with internet marketing and statistics, is what initially led him into the international market place. This in turn led to him setting up a secondary website in English. This has now become Cortona International.

Alison Koetser.

Alison first came to Cortona as a student in 1981 and fell in love with the town, the people and the Italian way of life. In 1982 she began a career as a journalist in London, but after a number of years decided that neither journalism or city life was for her.

When she first moved to Cortona in 1987, she taught English working for private language schools and local high schools. Following this, she taught English literature and current affairs in an American school in Arezzo. When the school closed in the mid-90’s she was introduced to the real estate business and discovered her niche.

She acquired her experience and training with one of the first estate agencies in the world to market properties on-line, learning as much about computers as she did about property sales.

In 2006 she set up HelpWorksItalia (HWI) in order to fill the desperate demand from the international community for a property management company.

She has been married for 20 years to a hands-on-builder who has an impeccable reputation and is passionate about his work and has three bi-lingual step children, one of whom, Marilena, offers a complete Rental Management service for both private clients and HelpWorksItalia.

Roberto Ghezzi.

Roberto has a high school diploma in accountancy and graduated from the George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia with a degree in Economics. He is a registered estate agent at the Chamber of Commerce in Arezzo having also concluded a course through World Properties.com, part of the International Consortium of Real Estate Agencies.

Married since 1992 with two daughters, he and his American wife Rebecca, lived in the USA for 9 years. He has a great deal of work experience including a stint in the early 90’s when he worked as a tourist agent for Ober United Travel. In 1996, while he was studying at the George Mason University, he initiated a collaboration with the P.B. Moss art gallery in Blacksburg, Virginia which continues to this day.

He returned to his beloved Cortona in 2001 and given his linguistic skills, he began working with a local estate agency, looking after its international clientele. A year later he decided to branch out on his own and qualified as an estate agent in 2003 immediately opening his own agency, ICREA, in Cortona’s main high street. Since then he has dedicated his energies to the international property market, finding homes for many people, whether they were looking for apartments within the town centre or traditional farmhouses in the surrounding countryside.

Given the central location of his agency, Roberto is always available to his clients whether it be for work or play. He is immensely popular and has befriended so many members of the international community that he is a regular presence in their lives; sharing with them friendly dinners, good food and fine wines.