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While it is true estate agents world wide have one of the worst professional reputations available such an awesome legacy can only allow room for improvement!  As estate agents, we consider it a challenge. Our personal crusade is to earn the professional respect and trust of all our clients - both buyers and sellers alike.

Established in 1997, Cortona International (previously Cortona Real Estate) has slowly built itself a reputation for professionalism and honesty. We have worked tirelessly over the last few years to create an innovative marketing strategy that is flexible, grabs the ‘promotional moment’, but also provides quality and most importantly for our clients, concludes in a sale.

We have energy, drive and ideas. We love what we do and to date have concluded 100’s of sales in the local and international market place.

Our marketing strategies:

  • Being seen: Global portals contact our agency daily offering hot deals for listing our 100+ international properties. We sign up for many of these offers which allow our properties to be seen on major portals (like Realtor International, The Move Channel and the Global Property Guide), as well as the major home portals in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Russia, Australia, Canada and Europe in general.
  • Right Move Overseas is recognised globally as the No.1 property portal. It provides both excellent leads and quality and we take advantage of the various marketing tools which highlight individual properties.  On Right Move our properties generate an average of 40,000 visits per month.
  • Jackson-Stops and Staff: We recognise the significant advantage of being associated with an internationally recognised name. We collaborate with Jackson-Stops and Staff, a UK based estate agency who markets international properties world wide.
  • Agestanet – is an automated system which sends out new listings, sorted by individual criteria, to all clients we put in the database i.e. those that are interested in buying a property, but haven’t yet committed to a trip out. It is a way of updating and staying in contact with them in an efficient, but not invasive manner. The database has over 320,000 listings posted by over 1500 agencies. 

In addition to this, we also collaborate with some of the agencies advertising with Agestanet and share a reciprocal exchange of clients – both buyers and/or sellers – thereby taking advantage of an extensive network of agencies and their own personal marketing strategies.

  • As an agency, we are constantly researching new avenues for advertising and work assiduously on all leading search engines in order to be placed number one in Google and other listings.  As a website we have over 30,000 visits a year 10,000 of which go direct to Cortona International.
  • More recently still, we are concentrating our energies on Cortona which given the number of potential buyers who walk its streets each year is an advertising opportunity in itself. 
  • Word of mouth has also seen us proud, not only because it is free advertising, but because clients are happy and willing to entrust their friends to us; a sure sign we are doing things right!

Showing and selling properties:

We see it as an art and a passion …  

To us, a house is not just the sum of the bricks and stones it is made of: It lives, it breathes and it reflects the character of its owner. This is the secret to match-making the right person to the right house.  It requires empathy, intuition and more importantly, the ability to strike up an immediate rapport with a client who ideally you will have for a day, but in reality you sometimes have for just the one viewing.

A good estate agency can be of invaluable help in many ways:

  • By investing in advertising and marketing your property on an international level.
  • By analysing the current market trends and knowing where best to advertise.
  • By keeping apace with current market values and advising you on the right price for your property.
  • By collating all paperwork pertaining to your property and having it assessed by a professional.
  • By helping you in resolving any issues that might arise with regard to its compliance.
  • By bringing you the ‘right kind’ of client to view your property.
  • By taking you step by step through the sales process, together with a registered Italian notary, thereby avoiding the necessity and cost of an international lawyer.
  • By providing you with translations, in English, of all contracts and seeing you through until completion.
  • By ensuring all utilities and council taxes are transferred into an eventual buyer’s name.
  • By offering the buyer a comprehensive post sales assistance: Our associates offer a property and rental management service for an international clientele which can be a godsend.