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Alison Koetser

I first came to Cortona as a student in 1981 and fell in love with the town, the people and the Italian way of life. In 1982 I began a career as a journalist in London, but after a number of years decided that neither journalism or city life was for me.

When I first moved to Cortona in 1987, I taught English working for private language schools and local high schools. Following this, I taught English literature and current affairs in an American school in Arezzo. When the school closed in the mid-90’s I was introduced to the real estate business and discovered my niche.

I acquired experience and training with one of the first estate agencies in the world to market properties on-line, learning as much about computers as I did about property and restorations.

I set up HelpWorksItalia (HWI) in 2006 in order to fill the desperate demand from Cortona’s international community for a property management company. My intention for HWI was to help, not hinder which is why I offer straightforward services at realistic, affordable prices.

I provide practical and inexpensive caretaking solutions on the basis of an annual retainer fee. This includes the use of a client dedicated account for paying bills and bi-annual taxes In your absence I ensure that:

  • All bills are paid
  • Your house regularly checked and aired
  • The grass mown and the pool cleaned
  • Your house cleaned and prepared for any arrivals

Should problems arise, they are dealt with.

Renovations and building works
Small or large

Having been married for 20 years to Mario, a hands-on-builder, who speaks English fluently, I have acquired by default an exceptional team of people to work with (builders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, decorators etc…).

With the professional expertise of my longstanding and efficient geometra (surveyor), I can organise permissions for small or large building jobs and see works through to their completion.

I also provide regular updates and photographs and can organise payment to the various contractors via the HWI client account.

Most importantly perhaps, this team of professionals I work with are always available to me for small jobs and especially emergencies.

This is an essential service which as a property manager enables me to provide assistance quickly and with little or no frustration!

Contact details

Tel: +39 0575 691042 / 347 197 0512