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Customized tourism: Localtenders
WHAT IS LOCALTENDERS? What we do and who we are Localtenders is an independent group of professional walking guides and enthusiastic experienced le...
What to do 3: Cortona Mix Festival
The Cortona Mix Festival opens July 19th for its sixth edition this year, once again brining to Cortona its exciting and characteristic blend of artis...
What to do 2: Cortona On The Move
Cortona On The Move opened in 2011 as an international contemporary photography festival taking place in various different venues scattered around Co...
What to do 1: Cortona jazz
Cortona Jazz Night - June 17th, 2017: • 4,00 pm - Palazzo Casali (Maec museum): Giulio Stracciati guitar / Matteo Addabbo Hammond organ / J. P...
A good place to stay while You are looking for Your house in Italy
When you are going to buy a house in a foreign country, some times you want to put your feet in the new shoes for a while and understand if it really ...
An introduction to Cortona, the heart of Tuscany
Cortona must be one of Tuscany’s most unique hilltop towns: Not only for its location - it sits on a hillside dominating the vast expanse of the Val...
Cortona by car/train
Buying house guide: Purchasing Real Estate in Italy
Buying or selling a property (a home, office, shop, studio, land etc.) is one of the most significant moments in the life of a person, whether it is ...
Buying house guide: Requirements for Documents from Abroad and for Use Abroad
In general, for documents originating in a foreign country to be valid in Italy it is necessary, as in most legal systems, that they undergo a proces...
Buying house guide: Thel Legal Status of Foreigners in Italy
The notary, when he is called upon to act in relation to public documents or authenticated private documents involving one or more parties who are n...
Buying house guide: Rights and Duties of the client
WHAT ARE THE RIGHTS OF THE CLIENT?   1) To receive an estimate of the cost of the deed, with an indication of the individual expenditure items (ta...
Buying house guide: Responsabilities of the Notary
For his work the notary, as a public official, must adhere to strict rules laid down in the code of ethics and the law to ensure, amongst other thing...
Buying house guide: Registration and Storage of Notarila Deeds
Following the signing of a deed, the notary will lodge it with the appropriate public registries: land, companies, civil status, etc. Registration ...
Buying house guide: The Language of Legal Documents
The law requires that deeds be written in Italian. But when the parties declare that they do not know the Italian language, the deed may be written i...
Buying house guide: Anti-money-laundering controls
Under the law on money laundering, the notary must ensure the identification of clients and the beneficial owner of the operation and report any susp...
Buying house guide: Guarantees Regarding Deeds
In performing his function the notary must, by law, be independent and impartial: he must protect the interests of all parties equally, regardless of...
Buying house guide: What is the Notary?
The notary is a public officer to whom the Italian State has entrusted the task of producing all deeds between living persons as well as last wills an...
Buying house guide: the Notarised Public Deed
The notary confers public trust, i.e. the status of legal proof, to the deeds he draws up. So everyone - including the courts – must accept as tru...
Cortona - Best For Tuscan Life
European travel: A grand tour of Italy WHETHER it's amazing art, fine food or marvellous music, the homeland of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and...