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Buying house guide: The Language of Legal Documents

The law requires that deeds be written in Italian. But when the parties declare that they do not know the Italian language, the deed may be written in a foreign language, so long as that language is known by the notary.

The text in a foreign language will be accompanied by an Italian translation. If the notary does not understand the foreign language used by the parties, it will still be possible to draw up the deed in the presence of an interpreter chosen by the parties.

In this last case, the deed will be written in Italian, but will be accompanied by the translation prepared by the interpreter in the foreign language.

In this way, foreigners too may enjoy the benefits of transactions sealed by a notarial deed.

The deed and any translation into a foreign language, must then be read out to the parties by the notary, if necessary with the help of the interpreter. Thus the parties will be able to check that the notary has correctly represented their intentions in the public document before signing it.


Source: Italian Notary's society (Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato)

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