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Buying house guide: Registration and Storage of Notarila Deeds

Following the signing of a deed, the notary will lodge it with the appropriate public registries: land, companies, civil status, etc.

Registration of notarial documents is therefore not a burden on the parties but is a clear obligation of the notary.

Thanks to this task entrusted by law to the notary, the public registers of the Italian State are complete, reliable and up to date in near real time.

The notary is responsible for the filing and preservation of the deeds he has drawn up so they do not run the risk of being lost.

Only in specific cases provided for by law may the notary deliver the original to the parties.

It is also incumbent on the notary to issue certified copies to those requesting them.

The law assigns to such copies the same value as the originals.

The preservation of notarial deeds is assured even after the notary who created them ceases his professional activity. The deeds are then delivered to the Notarial Archive, a facility of the Ministry of Justice of the Italian State, which will ensure their preservation and issue certified copies.


Source: Italian Notarys' society (Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato)

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