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Buying house guide: Rights and Duties of the client



1) To receive an estimate of the cost of the deed, with an indication of the individual expenditure items (taxes, fees and VAT);

2) to be received and heard directly by a notary before the execution of the deed in order to submit special needs or seek clarification of any kind;

3) a full reading of the deed with all necessary explanation;

4) to receive a full explanation in simple and understandable terms of all the tax implications, including those in the future;

5) absolute confidentiality of the notary and his staff about decisions taken and the information communicated.



Not so much duties as “instructions for use”:

1) Do not request deeds that are contrary to the law or intended to circumvent it;

2) Explain all the problems involved in the case without hesitation. Often the assets being discussed with the notary involve family and personal situations that it is appropriate to present to the notary in order to avoid a situation where the deed does not achieve the desired objective. Do not be afraid to bring out all aspects of the case;

3) Pay close attention during the reading and explanation of the act; that way, it will be easier for the notary to illustrate every aspect and correct any inaccuracies, even those simply relating to personal data.



A notary is a bit like a doctor: one protects your assets, the other your health.

The notary must be chosen by the parties by mutual agreement or, failing that, by the party who is obliged to pay the costs. The choice is personal and must not be imposed by other professionals.

It is possible to visit the official website of the Notariat (www.notariato.it) to search for a notary close to your residence.

You should choose the notary on the basis of a trusting relationship, taking into account the time that the notary personally functiondedicates to the client; his ability to advise and guide you towards the solution that best achieves the interests of the parties; the way in which he practises the profession and observes the rules of law and the code of ethics; his fairness and professional capabilities, as well as the efficiency of his office staff.

Source: Italian Notarys' Society (Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato)

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