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What to do 1: Cortona jazz

Cortona Jazz Night - June 17th, 2017:

• 4,00 pm - Palazzo Casali (Maec museum): Giulio Stracciati guitar / Matteo Addabbo Hammond organ / J. P. Liguori drums

• 7,00 pm - Piazza Garibaldi: UADG Luca Burocchi guitar and and synth / Giorgio Panico bass / Claudio Trinoli drums

• 8,00 pm - downtown: The Old Florence Dixie Band / Checco da Fiesole trombone / Sybil Smooth voice /
Sauro Vaggi banjo / Alessandro Drovandi trumpet / Stefano Iacopozzi Sax 

• 9,00 pm - Piazza Signorelli: Riccardo Gola “No Plan” / Simone Alessandrini sax / Riccardo Gola double bass / Enrico Morello drums

• 10,00 pm - Piazza Signorelli: ELETTRA FRANCHINA / Marco Benedetti double bass / Simone Brilli drums

• 11,00 pm - Alessio Modrian / Music Evolution set live

Fianl with fireworks


In an initiative thought up and funded by Cortona’s business owners with support from Comune di Cortona, Confcommercio and Confesercenti, Banca Popolare di Cortona, Lux and MAEC, live jazz is coming back to the town’s center for one special night this summer.

On June 17th from 4 pm until 11 pm Cortona’s main piazzas and streets will be the stage for nationally and internationally renowned jazz musicians divided into six main events.

Cortona has an old and special relationship with live jazz, having hosted several concerts in the
90’s and early 2000’s as a part of Umbria Jazz, Italy’s most important jazz festival to date.

Cortona has for decades been an attraction for both Italian and foreign travelers and
adventurers for a variety of reasons.

The town’s now forty year old tight bond with the University of Georgia, the Etruscan and art history it is a nest to, its deeply ingrained culinary and social traditions, its unique geographical and cultural position inbetween Tuscany and Umbria, and more recently its fame thanks to the international bestseller and film, “Under the Tuscan Sun,” have all been catalysts for Cortona’s reputation and affluence.

The relationship Cortona has with jazz may be somewhat of a secret and forgotten one, but it is
certainly a significant one and is ingrained in the hearts of those who love the form and who
were lucky enough to have experienced it arm in arm with the magic that is inherent to a
Cortonese summer - a delightful combination.

Those who remember this part of its history are still around and have finally been able to revive this piece of Cortona’s life even if just for one night.

Those who organized and supported this event, including most of Cortona’s artists and artisans, hope it is only the beginning of a new chapter for Cortona and jazz and hope the event will be successful enough to be repeated and expanded.

On June 17th Cortona will be buzzing and vibrating thanks to the talent of music artists such as the virtuosic guitar player Giulio Stracciati, the UADG, Riccardo Gola, Old Florence Dixie Band, Elettra Franchina, and Alessio Modrian.


Source: Valdichianaoggi

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