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Customized tourism: Localtenders


What we do and who we are

Localtenders is an independent group of professional walking guides and enthusiastic experienced leaders offering an innovative way to travel and sightsee across central Italy.

We can walk you through beautiful town centres or take you hiking across spectacular hillsides and landscapes indigenous to each area. We will show you places 'off the mainstream tourist track' and share them with you through the eyes and insights of local guides all of whom are passionate about their individual areas.

While 'on the move' we also offer Italian conversation lessons: a great way to immerse yourself in the true spirit of the places you will visit and a fun way of learning or improving your Italian.

Localtenders - how to get around feeling like a local.
www.localtenders.eu // Booking is required   


WALK AND TALK - Italian conversation
In order to provide you with a memorable and genuine experience, we offer the possibility of 'walking and talking' in Italian - a fun way to start learning or improving your Italian and a great way to immerse yourself in the true nature of the places you visit.

We offer a selection of itineraries, but if you would like to design one of your own, we are very happy to accommodate you. Just give us the details and we can define the best routes

Ask us a question and we will reply with an answer!
Send us an email at info@localtenders.it or contact us via FB or Instagram


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